es menschelt


documentary photography // photo book

Capitalism strives for constant growth and justifies itself with the fact that it corresponds to the "nature of man": to never be satisfied and to always want more. This can be seen in hunting. Rare animals are often killed for prestige. Trophy hunting can be seen as an expression of man's egoism. While some practice trophy hunting as a hobby and the meat is so to say "by-catch", the majority rejects such hunting. Most hunters appreciate the peace and the coexistence with the animals in nature. Nevertheless, cruel hunting practices, such as hounding, put the sport of hunting in a bad light.
"It won’t work out without hunting in Germany." Most hunters see it as necessary for a variety of reasons. Primarily to regulate the population of wild animals. They cite the meat obtained as a source of food of the very highest quality. Ethical principles, such as respect for the animal and the avoidance of suffering, are emphasized. Humans intervene meanwhile so strongly into the habitats of the animals that there is anyway "no way back".
Animal protection federations hold vehemently against it. Human influences on the environment can unbalance complicated systems that would actually keep the wild population in balance. The animal rights activists criticize the brutal treatment of animals during hunting and the trophy cult. They doubt that this is about remembrance and appreciation.

This work was created as part of a seminar in the course "visual journalism and documentary photography". This is an edition that is not for sale. In addition, the work on this major topic "hunting" continues. 

On the general topic of ‘Ideals’, “es menschelt” has also been featured by the visual journalism and documentary photography magazin in its first edition (Magazin #01: Ideale).