“The Truth can be staged and the truth can be found.”

-    Larry Sultan (2003)

Photo: Lisa Paetzold (2022)
Felix Kaspar Rosić (*1993) grows up on the edge of the Hallertau, near Munich, on a farm. With the interaction of nature with people, he quickly discovers photography as his favorite form of expression.He sees the subtle differences that can turn small things into great.After some time as a media technician at events and film and television productions, Felix wants to be creative, creative and photographic himself.

This finally spurred him on to study in the renowned "Visual Journalism and Documentary Photography" program at Hochschule Hannover. In addition, he has been working as a freelance photographer ever since. Felix Kaspar Rosić feels at home in journalistic and documentary narrative forms. He is particularly interested in the areas of tension between the old and the new. In his work, he values old, analog media as much as modern and digital ones. His style ranges from grunge to the neatly, clearly constructed image: Felix wants to do justice to his subjects and bring people together with his work. With humor and perseverance he finds access with people.

Felix Kaspar Rosić studies at the Hochschule Hannover  in the renowned course of studies "Visual Journalism and Documentary Photography" and is a member of the "Fotobus Society".

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