”es menschelt”


Documentary Photography, Essay (Photo Book)

Capitalism aims for growth and justifies itself by claiming it aligns with human nature: to always crave more. Hunting reflects this as rare animals are often killed for prestige, and trophy hunting is seen as selfish. While some view it as a hobby, cruel practices such as hounding harm the sport's image. Many hunters defend it as necessary to regulate wild animal populations and for high-quality food. However, animal protection groups argue that human influence can unbalance ecosystems and criticize the brutal treatment of animals and trophy culture. ︎︎︎


Short film, Germany, 2023

Michael has a philosophical outlook on life and appreciates the simple things in life. Although he is considered a country bumpkin, he is open-minded and intelligent. He lives in a rural area near Munich and finds happiness in the peace and simplicity of his home village and the closeness to family and friends. After losing a loved one, he appreciates life even more. Michael has no plans to leave home, finding in what is truly important. ︎︎︎


Reportage, Germany, 2022

Faust (from the eponymous work by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) flees to the Walpurgis Night, a night of wild celebration with witches, to distract Faust from his guilt over killing Gretchen's brother. The Brocken, a mountain in the Harz region of Germany, is central to the legend of the Walpurgis Night, but it is now believed that the "witches" used hallucinogenic ointments rather than flying to the mountain. Despite the commercialization of the Walpurgis Night, some people take the mythology seriously and see it as a celebration of women's freedom. We climbed the Brocken to witness the supposed witch's wedding but found something else. ︎︎︎